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Re: Illegal Imigrants

I think it would be better if illegal mexicans got their papers and stuff for us and them.

If they are illegal then companies are going to hire them and pay little money. The illegal can't do anything because he can't go to the police. He's a illegal imigrant so he can't do it.
Its going to be a while before they do stop. Companies get cheap labor and the workers can't do jack about it. You really think they are going to go "Well, I know it is wrong so I am going to have to report you and I will try and help you get some papers so you can be legal". They are so greedy they wanna go "Does $3.00 sound good to you?"

Mexico has a huge overpopulation problem. The really bad problem is that they can't have a one child policy because the country is a democracy and we don't believe in that.

With all these Mexicans crossing the border, they are starting to consider if we should require spanish.

In a way I think that wouldn't be smart.

It is like if I went to germany, so we wanted them to force people to speak English because we were there.

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