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Re: Illegal Imigrants

Originally Posted by Makoto_Duke_War_IV
"They took our jobs!"

Bullshit! Do you have any clue how hard it is for an illegal imigrant to get a job that pays well?
Pardon my questioning, but who cares? Look, legal immigrants have trouble finding our jobs, decent ones too. My dad was a respected engineer, he had to work as a janitor and now still does not have the position he deserves. He had to work like a slave to make the moderately decent income he makes. To do this, he had to spend years coming up with that money to get in here legally.

Yes, it is a problem that Mexico has such a large poverty rate. But does that make it right for Mexicans to steal from legal law-abiding citizens? They took our jobs, don't call it bullshit. Jobs are what makes people act as normal as they do.

Your thinking is highly idealistic, if you make it that fucking easy to get in the US, there will be a massive flood of immigrants. There will be not enough jobs for anyone. The US has a right to make sure there is stabilization.
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