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Re: VS thread

Originally Posted by GAma_Oyabun
im gonna give a gama point for whoever comes to this thread...seriously , we need more people here ...

thanx fo' coming rasengangt. i agree with u, team 7 will lose to yondaime...but i was talking about team 7 vs team in sasuke, naruto, sakura...vs kakashi, rin, and obito.....

*gives gama point :P*
I want a Gama point!!!...(what the hell is a gama point?)

I need to go back and read the Kakashi Gaiden again. I don't quite remember Yondaime's jutsu's. But yeah, i don't wanna go through every single page of this thread just to check the matchups so i'm just going to throw one out there. Let me know if it has come up before.

How about....the hotties! Kurenai vs. Anko? Both are Jounin. both have their style of fighting. I will let you guys decide...
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