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Re: VS thread

Originally Posted by Extrusion`Neji
Before the time-skip
Anko was special jounin , not jounin
And there's difference .

Special Jounin are ninjas who have gained high Jounin-level skills in one area of ninja arts. And Jounin are ninja who are highly skilled in all jutsu skills and arts.

If ranks is consider , Kurenai own Anko .
Even ranks is not consider , i would still take Kurenai , her genjutsu is at the top level . No matter how well you fight , if you are immobilized by genjutsu , there's nothing you can do .
And i don't think Anko have the ability to overcome a high level genjutsu .
personally i think she's a special jonin becuase of her connection with orochimaru...i only think kurenai is better because she is entrusted with genins so she can teach em and she didnt get pwned in a filler

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