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Re: Yu-gi-oh FC

I would like tojoin the FC I love yu-gi-oh!

How much have you seen from Yugioh?

I've seenthe movie and like 100eps or so of yu-gi-oh! I cant remember sesons or that because I wacht it a long time ago

Who's your favorite character?

I'd have to say that its joey I just like how he enjoys to duel and isn't so serious about stuff

Which character do you like the least?

I don't realy like bakura maybe because hes obsesed with the milenium items (or I just don't like him)

Do you play the TCG?

I don't realy know what the TCG is but I play alot of gba yugi game (could I recive a briefing on the tcg I would like to play it )

What's the theme of your deck and would you like to share your deck? (name the cards that are in it XD)

I run a ritual deck where relenquished is my primary ritual card+cards that fit in the deck like majuu senjuu or sonic bird etc..

Can I join ?

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