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Re: The 9/11 Conspiracy

Originally Posted by _samurai_x_
You do know that when the plans hit bombs were actually set off below and the planes were a distraction.

i actually have an explanation for this on the second pic you have those areas highlited well that is actually dpris from the building that fell and was blown into the side of the building due to the law of intertia and gravity and along with the fact that the wind could very easily twords that way.

I Have A Theory I Believe That The Twin Towers Were Hit By Cargo Planes Not Commercial Jets. And The Pentagon Was Hit By A Missile That Was A Dud. The Reason For The Cargo Plane Theory Is Due To The Fact That The Planes Had No Windows And if You Watch The Tapes U Can See That There Is A Flash as The Plane Is about To hit. It Is Reported That The Flash Is Caused By The Sun, Then Y Would It Show Up At 5 Different angles Its Not Possible So My Belief Is That Is Was a Bomb To Help With The Demolishment Of The Towers. As For My Pentagon Theory Is Is Based On The Fact That If A Commercial Jet Had Hit The Pentagon The Wings An Rear Tail Would Have Been Ripped Off Cuz The Tail Is Taller Than The Pentagon And The Wings Have A Wider Span Than The Hole Made Yet The Pentagon Has A Round Hole And The Roof Is Intact While The Is No Trace Of Tail Or Wing Debri In Site. These R My Reasons For Beleiving That The Destruction Of The Twin Towers Was and Is A Massive Demolition Act staged By Our Goverment To Replace The Twin Towers And To Hve A Reason To Finish What Bush Senior started As Well As Give Us A Reason To Take Iraqs Oil.
and to explain that well its nearly imossible to tell that airliner jets have windows(even on video) becuase of how fast they travel and if you dont trust me just go to an airport and look at some of the planes taking off or landing and a bout the pentagon im rally not sure but the terrorists(the real people behind the atacks) could have launchen an ICBM at the pentagon that was a dud. because the terorists do have ICBM's but there known for not being so great.

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