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Re: VS thread

Originally Posted by ShinobiKnight
Many people say that Sasuke would win because Sasuke>Gaara and Gaara>Shino. But that doesn't always work, sometimes you get a triangle. Yes, Sasuke's probably faster, but Shino is smarter. He would have his bugs spread out so that no matter where Sasuke ran to, there would be bugs to leech his chakra. And Sasuke probably isn't used to fighting enemies smaller than the nails on his little fingers, while Shino wouldn't have such a disadvantage. Sure, fire burns bugs and Sasuke blows fire, but the fire would only burn a few of them, the rest could get away. Not to mention that Shino would take advantage of the distraction the jutsu caused and get his bugs to attack from behind. I'm voting Shino.

if you really think that shino is smarter then
why he didn't became his year number 1 ninja? like sasuke.
why no body call his genius? like sauke.
if you think that his bugs are powerful then why didn't he fight against garaa's sand in the forest of death? why he scared from garaa's sand ,because he don’t want to die like the rain ninjas.

the above pic is from episode 1 when naruto said: I'm going to surpass all the previous hokages and then I'll make the village recognize my strength.
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