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I don't know if any of you had heard this but there is currently a rumor going around many Naruto fansites and forums that Episode 189 could indeed be the end of the much hated fillers. The rumour says that it's entitled: "Naruto Episode 189 - See you in 3 years!!". It isn't hard to believe but dont get your hopes high because this is nothing but a rumor at the moment.

Althougth the title doesn't sound right, the position for the episode kind of makes sense. I mean if they end the fillers at 189, then they could make Kakashi Gaiden at least 10 episodes long where they can tell the backstory of the team and than go to the regular storyline for Kakashi Gaiden and then begin Part II around 200 which is also around the time Movie 3 will be already out. Well it's just a rumor but some of the logic makes a little sense.
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