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Re: VS thread

Originally Posted by ShinobiKnight
To answer your questions:
1.Because the academy doesn't just focus on intelligence, you have to be able to perform jutsu too. Since Shino doesn't usually do normal jutsu, and Sasuke does, Sasuke got a better grade. Shino was still up there, maybe 2nd.
2.He actually is described as "a genius bug user".
3.He didn't fight Gaara because his team already had a scroll, so it would be pointless to put themselves in more danger. There was nothing suggesting that he feared Gaara. Happy?
1-shino haven't show us anything that proves he is smarter than sasuke.
2- there is no prove that shino can't perform justu.
3-i don't thing he got 2nd either.
4-thier original plan was to take more scrolls to reduce number of teams ,but they change their minds when they saw gaara's strength. haven't you see his face? they were lucky that gaara didn't see notice them, otherwise they died.
5-shino would be died by garaa's brother (forget his name) if his father wasn't there on time and you know how much garaa's brother and sister feared garaa.

the above pic is from episode 1 when naruto said: I'm going to surpass all the previous hokages and then I'll make the village recognize my strength.
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