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Re: Illegal Imigrants

bush actually does shit, believe it or not

but the point i think that plays a big role on immigration here is what is fair. Is it fair to grant people who hopped the border amnesty? Hundreds of thousands of people around the world apply for citizenship and have to undergo a process which takes months, years, and sometimes they are not even granted citizenship. But they do the right way, the traditional and LEGAL method which constitutes and grants rights to become a citizen. Would you think it be fair if you paid a 1000 bucks to go to the superbowl and then you see some smucks hop the fence and come into the game for free? I think equality is a major issue with the illegal immigrants, and its just not fair to grant illegal immigrants citizenship when they didnt undergo the proper process to attain it. As for the precedent of such a ruling, this is hazardous for America in general because by granting amnesty, this is essentially condoning illegal immigration. More people will want to come in as illegal immigrants because they will believe that they will be granted citizenship as well. This will be the message people will get across the globe, and it neither benefits the country nor other immigrants trying to move into America through legal processes.
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