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Re: Fruits Basket FC *request* ^^

I'M HERE!!!!!!YA!!!!!!!!!S'wel.....mei you already know who I totaly like the most so here's my answer for all you other Furuba-Freaks like me!!!!
Kyo and Tohru(the main Furuba couple sides Yuki machi). Kyo cause his 'I'm always going to be alone' atitude and Tohru cause she ROCKS THE WORLD!!!!!!Tohru is also my one and only idol!!!She's so selfless and not selfcentered!!! She is truely the best!!!!
All the others are awsome too but those just top me off. Then after them is Yuki. I won't bother to tell the rest....less you all wana know. which i doubt. any who.....I luv Kyo!!!!!

We need an offical banner show that we are Furuba Fan united!!!!
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