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Re: Fruits Basket FC *request* ^^

Originally Posted by Nataku
Ok...I have to ask this. I mean I really have to ask this. What do you all think about KakashiXSakura. I mean when Sakura's like 20 or maybe a little older. Cause I want to start a FC bout it but I'm not sure how many people would join cause it's probably an odd couple. But if Kakashi went with Sakura then Naruto would go Hinata. Then Sasuke could go with who ever he wanted. Just askin though...

ehh? well, that's out of topic but oh well. ^^; I don't really know if there's many kakashiXsakura fans out there. well, I'm not a fan myself, ahihihihihi... just keeping it real. well, that's just my POV.

@kyoko: ahihiihihi...obviously. nyahahaha....she's a mean bitch. XD I think from reading the manga I've come to understand her better, but heck, she's not on the top of my list.

nbut you have to thank akito for being one of the furuba casts, without her, there wont be anymore twists in the story and no antagonist. XD

Let me be with you gaara-kun...*hugs*

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