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Re: VS thread

Originally Posted by ShinobiKnight
1. Shino has been recognized as the 2nd smartest of the 9 rookies, and Shikamaru was the first.
2. He was most likely required to, but didn't do them as well since he wouldn't have much reason to practice them after the academy.
3. You don't think he got second. Keyword right there.
4. They changed their minds because Gaara wasn't weak, so it wasn't worth the risk. Had Gaara seen them, Shino wouldn't be stupid enough to let himself be killed by a weapon he'd already seen. Besides, Sasuke didn't voluntarily fight Gaara either, it was random. And he would've been killed if not for learning the Chidori minutes before he arrived.
5. First, work on your grammar, my 5-year-old brother says "died" instead of "killed". Second, remember what I said about triangles. If Sasuke can beat Kankuro and Kankuro can beat Shino, that doesn't neccessarily mean Sasuke can beat Shino. Besides, Sasuke isn't invulnerable to poison gas either, and Shino beat Kankuro anyway.
1. can you tell me in which episode they recognized that shino is damn 2nd smartest of the 9 rookies. Please don’t bring anything from your mind just, because you like shino.
2. it’s not my problem if he wouldn't have much reason to practice them after the academy. why he didn’t he improve his others skills to become stronger then? that doesn’t change the fact that he is weaker than in all the 3 skills.
3. read 1.
4. it proves shino feared gaara and you said that :there was nothing suggesting that he feared Gaara and who told you that sasuke didn't voluntarily fight Gaara. i recommend you to watch the episodes again.
5. I’m Arabic native speaker and my English can’t be better than you guys English native speakers. Remember Sasuke able to injure gaara not only once, but twice while shino as you said feared to be killed by gaara that’s mean sasuke is stronger than shino.

the above pic is from episode 1 when naruto said: I'm going to surpass all the previous hokages and then I'll make the village recognize my strength.

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