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Re: VS thread

Originally Posted by ShinobiKnight
You're running out of arguments.
1. Read some biographies. If they say anything about his intelligence, they'll say he's 2nd.
2. First, your comeback was awful. Are you running out of defenses? Second, it doesn't matter whether it's your problem or not. Point is, he didn't have any reason to know them besides graduation, so he didn't practice as much.
3. Answered above.
4. It does not prove Shino feared Gaara, it proves that the risk simply outweighed the prize. Had it been Sasuke, you would have seen an expression of shock and maybe some fear. I think I'll bring in a quote to back me up on this.
Originally Posted by GAma_Oyabun
@narutoeye- shino is very emotionless, you never see his eyes or his mouth. he has no expression whatsoever. if u were to be killed by gaara, u would see his dam bitter hatred. but if shino killed u, dude, u wouldnt see shit, no remorse, no emotion, nothing, as in, you die on his whim, and he doesnt give a shit. whereas gaara's pretty dam happy.
so , no, shino isnt scared of gaara, he's dam serious about his skills compared to gaara's but hes not afraid.
Who told you that Sasuke did voluntarily fight Gaara? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe they drew numbers to decide who fought whom. I recommend that you watch the episode again and read the manga too, just to drill it into your biased head.
5. But you're not speaking, you're typing. And as long as you're typing, you can use spell/grammar check. Once again, Sasuke was only able to injure Gaara at all because he had just learned the Chidori, once again Shino wasn't scared, and once again, triangles, triangles, triangles!
I look forward to your next argument.^_^
1. Damn its anime section here we only talk about things that happened in anime, but I still going to accept it if you show me his intelligence biography from reliable site.
2. It doesn’t change the fact he is weaker than sasuke in jutsu. If he doesn’t want to improve his justu it’s his problem.
3. Once again read 1.
4.About GAma Oyabun post, I said did you see his face? I want you to see his mouth and he is sweating from fear of death. Even his older sister and brother were sweating only to persuade him that it’s enough. And you know how much shino suffered to beat his brother and that’s was not pure victory, because they both collapsed and he was lucky that his father helped him on time and he blame him, because he already teach his how to get poisons out. Beside that, why shino hided from gaara, if he really isn’t scared of gaara. Still don’t believe me see the links below:
5. I’m referring to the second fight after the exam sasuke didn’t think that the risk simply outweighed the prize. Sasuke worked hard in the one month period right after fleeing from hospital to improve this justu and the result is Chidori and shino had same amount of time to train his bugs.

Don’t misunderstand me I like shino and he is cool character, but sorry he can’t defeat sasuke. blus majority voted for sasuke face it.
I do use word for spill and grammar checking, but it won’t correct all the grammars mistakes.

the above pic is from episode 1 when naruto said: I'm going to surpass all the previous hokages and then I'll make the village recognize my strength.

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