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Re: VS thread

Originally Posted by narutoeye
1. Damn its anime section here we only talk about things that happened in anime, but I still going to accept it if you show me his intelligence biography from reliable site.
2. It doesn’t change the fact he is weaker than sasuke in jutsu. If he doesn’t want to improve his justu it’s his problem.
3. Once again read 1.
4.About GAma Oyabun post, I said did you see his face? I want you to see his mouth and he is sweating from fear of death. Even his older sister and brother were sweating only to persuade him that it’s enough. And you know how much shino suffered to beat his brother and that’s was not pure victory, because they both collapsed and he was lucky that his father helped him on time and he blame him, because he already teach his how to get poisons out. Beside that, why shino hided from gaara, if he really isn’t scared of gaara. Still don’t believe me see the links below:
5. I’m referring to the second fight after the exam sasuke didn’t think that the risk simply outweighed the prize. Sasuke worked hard in the one month period right after fleeing from hospital to improve this justu and the result is Chidori and shino had same amount of time to train his bugs.

Don’t misunderstand me I like shino and he is cool character, but sorry he can’t defeat sasuke. blus majority voted for sasuke face it.
I do use word for spill and grammar checking, but it won’t correct all the grammars mistakes.
1. First, this isn't the Anime section. This is Naruto collectively, meaning the anime and manga. Second: Near the end of the first paragraph, it says:"Rather, he is quick to pinpoint advantage's and weakness's when he fights. Not quite on Nara Shikamaru's, but closer than the other rookies."
2. He is not weaker than Sasuke in jutsu, he is not as good. And as long as he makes up for that, which he does and more, it doesn't matter concerning his ability to fight.
3.(Answering #4 here, because the 1st and 3rd are the same) Shino wasn't scared of dying at Gaara's hands, merely surprised by his power. He was sweating, but you would be too if you ran through a forest at high speeds for a long time. And about his brother, I'm going to make this big and red for you:
In case you've been ignoring that word because you don't know what it means, it's this: Just because Sasuke can beat Kankuro and Kankuro can beat Shino(which he can't, by the way) doesn't neccessarily mean Sasuke can beat Shino. Sometimes it's a three-way tie, or triangle.
4. He had no choice but to fight, because Shukaku was coming out. Shukaku would've followed and killed him anyway, so he figured he'd stay and try to stop it without wasting energy running. Also, Shino was doing regular training. Sasuke was learning a powerful new jutsu. Regular training IS NOT equal to learning a powerful new jutsu.
While I do admit I dislike Sasuke, I'm forced to admit that he's powerful. Extremely powerful. Still, I don't think he could beat Shino. More people voted for Sasuke because they failed to think beyond who they liked better, which was inevitably Sasuke. And I don't think you use spell check, or you'd know that "plus" doesn't have a B in it.
In the end, we could go on debating forever and both of us would have many more good points to make. Let's just agree to disagree and drop it.

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