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Re: Illegal Imigrants

illegal immgrents ehy well im kinda on both sides here. one the one hand this the land opertuntiy and we give hope to those that come here for a better life how are to punish them for doing the very same thing my ancestors did. but on the other hand times have changed, back than this was a uncharted countery but now we have rules and relgulation to follow. i think its unfair to the citiznes of USA, i think Mxicans are inntellengt and hard working and are simply seeking a better life would you not do the same? the grass i greener on the other side... im all for the imgrents all getting a break and allowed to become a citizen. but if they refuse to become citzen they should be punshied, thrown in jail now they dont have a excuse.

and whats with them showing the mexican flag if your so proud of that flag i say you can go enjoy it in mexico.
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