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Re: Funniest Instant Messenger Convo?

lol I get it plugged into wall o_o''

Hmm mine went something like this.
My friend's msn name is -[]- and mine is ~°Oreo°~<-SasuSaku->||サスサク|| and umm we're sort of sisters o_o blood sisters cause uhh we cut ourselves and mashed our blood together =D LOL except one was a paper cut and the other one was a staple cut o_o'' anyways so we were [don't ask me how we got into this arguement] but Jane was saying I was a dude, and I was saying she was a man. and soo the convo went like this.

-[]- says:
~°Oreo°~<-SasuSaku->||サスサク|| says:
Jane is a female, and I am a dude.

-[]- says:
I win.

~°Oreo°~<-SasuSaku->||サスサク|| says:
-[]- says:
I like having a penis.

~°Oreo°~<-SasuSaku->||サスサク|| says:

~°Oreo°~<-SasuSaku->||サスサク|| says:
You know you have the two worst sisters in the world, when one is a dude and the other is a man.

Anyways, blue is me and plum is jane lol see we were copying each other's name and pretending we were them or something o_o yahh lol xD we're cool.

You might not find it funny XD but I did LOL xD
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