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Re: 10 Best of Naruto

-Best fight scenes overall - Naruto vs. Sasuke in the valley of the end.
-Best Naru/Sas fights against eachother - When Sasuke was running away and they were in the valley of the end; and together (against a villan) - When they fought Haku.
-Best Naru/Hinata moments - When Hinata was dancing in the waterfall and Naruto saw her and was telling Kiba about this beautiful girl he saw.
-Best Naru/Sakura moments - Before the team left to find Sasuke and Sakura was crying and talking to Naruto (I thought it was touching.)

-Coolest jutsu - Chidori (Kakashi and Sasuke)
-Most vicious Villan - Orochimaru
-Coolest Hero - Kakashi
-Favorite genin - Sasuke

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