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Realistic Graphics in video games, problem?

A couple of years back when Final Fantasy X came out and then Resident Evil (for the game cube) i was syked to see such awesome graphics in video games, but recently with the new systems comming out, I've been starting to think...Do i want video games to look like real life? Think about it for a moment. At first we're like hell yea better graphics is always better, but don't you feel that once they start makin all video games look real it'll be like, watever? Will video games lose that special air around them that says, "New word"? I mean we already are starting to see in game advertising, will be start seeing: The Legend of Zelda, starring, Orlando Bloom; Tomb Raider, starring, Angelina Jolie; Final Fantasy 14 , starring, Elijah Wood?

I always like video games b/c they we're unique. To me i've always collected my knowledge from different things and video games went under a separate catagory b/c they were different.

I don't no, tell me what you guys think.

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