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Re: The NSA

Seems as though the government is off its rocker:

With the lies and twisting of information and using fear to get what they want (I mean come on look at the nation alert system its always either orange or red), all the lies of the NSA, dumbing down our nations next generation by a continually growing number of banned books and materials deemed unsuitable based on what they feel is right, purposely not teaching certain lessons so corporate companies can benefit and take advantage of people.

Didn't our founding fathers made the constitution in a way so that the people had the power and when their elected officials did wrong that they had various ways of getting rid of them or even to the extreme of barring arms and make things right again?

But when the government gives the people 13 different versions of the story over time, its just wrong.

So this whole NSA is yet another twist of lies to feed the public so it can scamper away and not get punished.

The current administration IS SO BAD I CAN BARELY STAND IT.

And the NSA goes all wrong about this even if it is soooo illegal and against civil rights, they shouldn't be eyeing every single muslim and middle eastern religious believer with hate, it reminds me of World War II when American Japanese people were hated (even if they were born in america and lead american lives and have never been to japan), they went further by rounding them up and putting them "holding facilities" aka camps (not death camps).

I'm sure that any person even if they were born in america and practice any sort of middle eastern religion are looked down upon and discriminated alot more now than before 9/11.

What are we gonna do? Perhaps we should keep a look out for people who display strange behavior and not on their religion or what they look like or skin color or whatever. Because even I can pick up a gun and I'm not black or hispanic or middle eastern looking and do the same damage as well as anybody else, sure of course either some sort of event, stress or trauma would make me display strange behavior before I would go and shoot up anybody.

And spying on people's conversations certainly shouldn't be happening in the first place. Justice must be served and the people punished for violating civil rights of americans and anybody else that they wrongly accuse based on their skin, religion or prefences or whatever.

so I agree with Dark Aztec and shadowwolf on their views of this matter.
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