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Re: Village Brawl FC request ^^

*Name:villige hidden in the elements

*Type of forehead protector- a circle but inside it has little designs of different elements

*Design- There will be houses and stuff like that but my villige has mostly every element in it so different people will live in different terrain. My villige size is medium so there are a good size of people but not too small or too big. Even though we are small there are so many different types of terrain that it would be hard to get in cause you might put less clothes and then go to the snow part or put clothes and go to the fire part there is no way of knowing.

*Type of people: We have people to do a job like making food and selling the food and these people will dress in regular clothes or clothes that fit there tarrain. In are villige there will be two major clans and some minor clans. We accept people in are villige who are strong and can pass a simple test but if they are not we tell them to leave if there is any trouble we kill them. The test is that they have to defeat my son that is going 50% in combat and show one strong jutsu. Very low level crime if any punishment is very steep so that is why they aren't as much crime and i enfore it. As me the butaikage (element shadow) there would be a genjutsu around my villige so they wouldn't get anyware and there would be two elite ninja and the wall between the out side and my villige to protect it but if they get killed all ninja will go and attack. Also at the begaing of the villige all members were wonderers from other villiges and i allowed them to join.

*Specialty jutsu-Only two of are clans can do it and it is two the major clans and they get two special technique that is really powerfull and that is the elemental fist and the element ball. Elemental fist is a taijutsu and a ninjustu beacuse you need to concentrate so your hand feels like all the elements combined and then you hit someone with it. Element ball is like rasengan but you could ether hold it and hit someone or you can use it and shoot it out of your hand for long range combat. Also are specialty that everyone knows are the different elements like katon and doton and other elements like that. Know one can make there own or attemt to make there own jutsu without asking me first or if they do or try experements on people like orochimaru does they will be intantly nocked out and put in jail or depending how powerfull the jutsu is they would be killed.

*Advance blood line- the tenmetsuki (spotted eyes) is are villiges advance blood line trait and it belongs to the second major clan. In this clan there are only Three members in it, me Bdog (butaikage age 27) and my son Yuu(age 12) and my daughter Tu(7). Are clans name is Uyen. The reason my family is so small is because my younger brother was doing experiments without asking on are whole family so i caught him before he did it to my son and then i killed him. In my clan you automaticly able to use it by the age of 5. Once the user finnally uses the tenmetsuki it is still worthless but once they activate it one of the older members of the clan that is an experiance tenmetsuki user that copyed lots of jutsus shows the younger person so they can copy the moves so they can protect them self in combat this takes about 2 weeks. Also once activate the user jumps to genin level because he or she basically passed the exam. Also when this is all done the newly aquired user of the tenmetsuki goes on a 6 month to year mission to wonder the world and watch different shinobi fight and learn there tequniqes so they can be stronger but are told not to confront them unless they try to attack them. Then when they get back they fight a 1 on 5 battle royal so i can see what new jutsus they recived adn if any i don't know. The tenmetsuki is like a more advance form of the sharingan and the byakugan but unlike the sharingan it can copy and master the jutsu instantly without practace but the sharingan has to practice to fully master a jutsu and unlike the byakugan the person using the tenmetsuki learns how to fully control the charkra seeing by 7 and learns how to hit the chakra points by 9. There are 3 major weaknesses of my blood trait. One is that the clan has no genjustus and practically no ninjustus ability. The reason that we have a good clan casue the only ninjustu the clan can do is the activation of the tenmetsuki but after they learn to activate it we go out and people from are villige does justus in front of us so we can copy them and then we receive the power of gen and nin justsu. Second weakness is that if are eyes get out of are heads and destroyed we can't be ninja anymore because are eyes hold all are power of gen and nin justsu casue are eyes are basically memory of justus too but we can get new ones to see but if are eyes get out of are head the only good thing is that we the tenmetsuki doesn't work with anyone eles so no implatations. Third weakness is that we can't copy all taijutsus so that is the only thing we have to work for and practice. The people in this clan don't age as quick as the other people do so they can live longer then most people can.

*Minor clans- in the villige we have multiple minor clans these clans have different techniques can they live in different terrain so one clan major specialty is like fire and another specialty is like ice and so fourth. The strongest of the minor clan is the 3rd major clan which has a special techniqe the element strike which could be in any wepons form like a sword or a needle a kunai or shuriken and the wepons would be elemental so they have the powers of the elements. Similar to the 2nd major clan secret techniqe but this techniqe is fairly weaker then the other one

*Anbu police: only members from the two major clans are allowed in the anbu police but on rare occasions some high level jonin that can keep up with them are accepted. We have about 20 anbu members and we have 9 squardrens casue you get a two man team. The other 2 people who are not in a team are high level ninja one from both of the strongest clans which they can go alone and fight for them selves

*Academy- The only way you can pass is if you be in the acadamy for at least 1 year (rare cases). Also you have to learn one justu from every element so you have to have fire earth water sound wind sand lightning and other elements. IF you know elemental fist or elemental ball you don't have to show one jutsu from each element. If you flunk more then 3 times you can't be a ninja or can be one but can never be a chunin. Also you have to be 12years old two pass if your a regular student but if you are high level the earlyest you can pass is 5 years old.

*Missions-we have a different rank system in missions D-rank missions:academy students and above, C-rank missions-genin and above, B rank missions- high level genin and above, A rank missions high level Chunin and above, S rank missions- jounin and above, k missions- kage and major clan members

*Special events-One of are yearly events is the butaikage battle which the stongest of are yearly battle royal gets to fight the butaikage and if you win you don't have to pay any thing the rest of your life if you lose you get a sum of money just for getting that far. Another event is are bianual battle which is academy students to jounin get to fight each other for fun. Another one is are yearly aiming contest which is you see who can hit the center of the target the most times. Finnally we have are yearly check up that is we see who have done the most missions and to see who done the most high level missions
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