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Re: Village Brawl FC request ^^

i wannna join

Name: Hidden Village of Heat
Location: around the very tip of the top of a volcano
Forehead Protector: a volcano
Jutsus: the village specialises in use of fire jutse and can make it for shapes of animals in the fights much like the way saidid when we first saw him. they all call a shroud of ash to the fight to stop their opponenst visability like we have seen in the hidden village of mist. they also have the ability to a creat stone clones when the fight in the same way zabuza used water clones.
Advanced Blood Line: this group have the ability to call an unlimated amoutn of lava to the battle and are unafferted by it and have complete control over it. their bodies are over 1000 degrees so they can't be phyically touched

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