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Cotw 4!!!! (for real this time)

HAJIMEMASHITE!!!!! (yeh spellings off, but its the thought that counts)

Welcome to the fifth bi-annual Colouring of the Week!

Starring your guest host GOE, GREAT ORGANIZER ERO !! (not really fifth bi-annual, but i've always wanted to say that)

*ahem* but lets get down to it yah?

Rules are as always/

But in case you've forgotten and too lazy to look here they are again.
Originally Posted by Moi :)

To make things fair, and to keep the voting system as clean and as unbiased as possible. here are a following set of rules to abide by:
Entrants can not leave any identifying marks on their Colourings, that means anything that could identify who the colouring was made by

Entrants must not post entries sent in to the COTW ANYWHERE ELSE on this board

Obviously colouring, must be your own work, if plagiarism is discovered, instant disqualification from the Competition shall be enforced, as well as a ban

Entrants must colour this page.
(as to ensure that the quality of the scan remains a constant, as well as to keep the colouring process "fair" )

ahah, you guys are gonna love this.

For this COTW, you may NOT use ANY BLENDING TOOLS. i repeat NO BLENDING TOOLS (meaning, no smudge, no blur, and definetly no dodge and burn) ehehehehe but guess what? IT HAS TO BE SOFT CELL SHADING/

(oh and to keep things fair, no tablets may be used.)

That's right folks. In order to increase your colouring ability, you have to cast away reliability on flimsy things such as blending tools, which limit your ability to color by at least 90% (caution: real percentages may differ, 90 is used as an illustration only)

(and yah, i know boohoo for those with tablets, but i'm thinking for the majority here )

Anyways the colouring for this week will be........


(if yolu hadn't guessed it'd be GTO themed by now, your slow , or well you don't know me very well)

Submit it all to me by 8th of July (and yes it will be in Aussie time, so don't think about delaying)

Voting will commence on the 10th of July, so you do have a SMALL leeway
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