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Re: Gay and Lesbian should this environment event exist in the community?

Damn. Everytime I come up to say something, DA takes the words right outta my mouth, and then he usually involves a Wikipedia link.

But what the hell do you mean, dude? I started that FC because I wanted to know some decent opinions of gay rights, and to meet some supporters. Gays and Lesbians, in my opinion, deserve the right to be married and adopt and all that good stuff. To say that you don't want them in your "peaceful life" sounds quite silly, since its not like you can avoid a person of a different sexuality, just as you can't avoid a person of a different race. These are people you're around everyday. We're in America for christs sake - our country is filled with people of all kinds, with different sexualities, races, beliefs, and so on.

To discriminate against a gay person is quite like racism - I've been discriminated against, and its not a good feeling.

But honestly, can you try to explain your opinion more? I don't understand. You say this is something serious to our lives. You ask if "that type of enviroment" should even exist. What do you mean by that, exactly?

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