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Re: Village Brawl FC request ^^

see... i told you shinobiknight is good at this... ive been thinking of rules for battle..
this is my suggestion it just some kind of extension from the shinobiknight's...

Battle ignition:

Once a challange occured, the co-owner will set a place, time and condition of of the battle. Note that, both village that had made the challenge must agreed to start a battle at the given place in given time or periods... if one of the challengers did not attend to the battle for two days, the attended challengers wins the battle and its reputation raised This is being done by the Superior judge...

same amount of shinobi (same rank or its up to Gama to set how note that, once you have introduce your shinobi, they can never be retrive or replace by other shinobi, thus, put them carefully) will be drawn for the battle and any village can come and watch the tournament. BUT DONT SPAM WHEN YOU ARE NOT IN THE BATTLE!!!

The judge will set up the turn for who will strike first,
There will be only 3 moves are allowed and 3 defend moves will be valid and thats make 6 moves will be done by a single village... for example,

hidden of shadows vs hidden mountain

judge said that hidden mountain strike first, thus hidden mountain strike first
then defended by hidden shadow inthe first round

Every Hidden villages will describe their techniques and why they are attacking/defending with such a style... note that the co owner will eliminate too rediculous move and instantly give the opponent the winning prize...

in the second round, hidden shadows will strike and hidden mountain will defend

battle will end at round three....

After the battle ended... poll will be established and the judges will declair the winner... the reputation of the winning village is raised and losing village is wished good luck for strong bonds of hardship and peace...

Instant lose
A village will instantly lose if,

1) they are spamming in battle,
2)they are using horrible words... (flames)
3) Using tooo ridiculous moves and techniques

Thats all for now i humbly request for modifications if there are weakness in my establishments- Thank you

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