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Re: Village Brawl FC request ^^

great ideas, keep em coming..i dont want to start this until we got some sort of system, cuz we dont want a lot of spammage

here are some of my ideas:

-allies allowed between villages
-allies may help invade/defend villages
-backstabbing is not allowed unless u cancel the alliance

-1000 ninjas are at each villages disposal
-700 are genins
-300 are chunnins
-50 are jonins
-49 are available for ur villages "specialty"
-1 is hokage , also has "special" of ur village

-2 types of battles, 1) invasion, full scale attack to overtake someone's village, 2) battle, outside of villages in different terrain
-in an invasion scenario, the defending village clearly has advantage
-each village will have four sections, or gates, north, south, east, one side is blocked by a mountain crap...they can still get through cuz we're all ninjas
-when invading choose to invade through 1-4 of the gates
-when defending choose wisely and spread ur forces to more important spots
-for example if the enemy is attacking mostly on the west gate, then u want to support that side

-when invading its not wise to send all 1000 of ur ninjas to take over, unless they have done that to another village...just be wise in ur decisions.

i have more but i want to know what u guys think first, im also thinking about giving prize money (as in points) to winners of the fight, so the losers give a certain donation decided at the beginning of a challenge

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