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well first of all. my jutsus r water and lighting based. so here i go
1st move- i would go ahead and called out the rain so i will have a field advantage
2nd move- i know he would use sharigan wen i use my jutsu and copy them so i use shadow clones with the same amount of charka in all of them
3rd. move- use my sharigan to counter his and use like a heavy fog jutsu and throw some lighting jutsus as well.
4th move- use demonic ice shields and he wouldn't be able to see them.
5th move- attack so much then i will use a special jutsu i came up with called lighting vengence ( where a huge circle is surrounding the enemy whereever he goes and he can't not escape for it ( i know that itachi would have a shadowclone or use someone to take his place that is y a shadow clone is doing all the attacks for me then wen i know that i have found him then i will use the same techique but its parent ) then thouands of lighiting strikes attack within the cirlce and its done or be like yondaime and the lighting strikes contain the kunais so i can teleport from each one and attack him from there
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