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Originally Posted by Sabaku_no_Gaara
Thats all of them are my works. and i can prove that to you anytime any where you want. This is one
Second - İ dont know anything about the posting my pictures by a link and i discovered now im sorry about that
Third - Nobody warn me about that i will be banned if i send my post my pictures in different thread. İ didn't have any warning and because of that i get another account to talk with moderator to ask him why ?

İ have a reputation. İ drawing since 13 years and if you want to ban me without any warning that's not my problem. My Drawings are loving and watching by lots of website. Thats not my lost...
look, im not telling you what i said... thats what the mods said. i like the pictures... just that someone said they werent yours.
second- granted, you do now, so now you know what you should do... and let me add, you only need to put them as a link, if you are gonna be doing more then one at a time. if you look at another thread in the fan part, you will see there are pictures posted by myself. but i post one at a time. someone says something about it, and i'll either chat about it, or post up my next one. so if your gonna do bulk, use links, if you want to post the actual picture, you have to wait between each post, and not post many times in a row.
finally, i did state in your other thread that "this is the wrong place" twice but because you were doing your fury posts, you didnt see. they could see that as a warning from a normal person, and that was ignored, so that might be why they TEMP. banned you for a week.

hey, i dont care if you are a drawing noob, or an experienced professional... im sure they will say the same thing to all... you gotta follow the rules no matter what. so if you have been doing it so long, you will take it like a man and admit you made a mistake, and move on... if your gonna whine saying "i got a rep, and everywhere else loves you" then whoop-de-doo... go somewhere else, cause that will not save you if you said that to a mod. so like i said, just admit defeat, pul your chin up, follow the rules, and then you wil get the people commenting on your work like you want them to....

got any other problems... pm me about them. look through the fan art forum, and you wil see no one has a problem with me doing it the way i have been.
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