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Re: Illegal Imigrants

One thing I've noticed just from the first page; you're all talking about the illegal aliens having problems. NEWSFLASH: We. Have. Problems. Too.
By coming here and upsetting our economy they're in turn destroying what they're coming here to try and achieve. There are those who have been here for a long time and have added to the community in a positive way; I believe they should be granted citizenship. Although there are people who just showed up and are already in jail; kick them out. I know it'd be a tedious thing to do to weed out all of the wrotten ones, but that's what it truly boils down to. If we want to get rid of them then we either have to prune the garden or raize it to the ground.

Another point that I see is that you're all talking about the Mexicans; it's not just the Mexicans! People will go to Mexico and Canada and then just walk over the border. That doesn't mean Canadians and Mexicans are doing it; look at Canada, they've situated themselves nicely up there, you don't see them illegally walking over the border.

On the note of childbirth; if the child is born here then it is an American citizen, but that should NOT give the parents a free-ticket. They can't expect the government, which I believe they do, to fund all of their bills just because they think they can get welfare or social security. Most Americans can't even live off of social security or welfare.

My Solution:
  • Companies should not be allowed to hire them
  • Fence should be erected
  • They should be kicked out (With the exception of those who are embedded in the community, can speak English, and have been here and contributed to the economy in a positive way.)
  • Passports should be required at hospital visists (in general)
And finally we should all step up and fight for this country on its ground in silent wars. Our soldiers fight every day to keep our freedom so we should do it to protect our freedom and country on the homebase. We need to stop being passive about this threat and we need to stand up and let the government know how we feel, whether pro-immigrant or anti. Our voices need to be heard or else no one will know what is right for the nation. No two voices will be in complete syncronization but comprimises can be found and issued. This is not a matter to pass-off; this will directly effect us, maybe not now, but in the future it will.

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