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Re: .::The Official Uchiha Itachi FC::.

background info:
-i'm capable of using the 4th's technique, hiraishin no justu to move at ultra-fast speeds
-i can use all of naruto's other techniques
-i fight with two katana's that i can focus chakra to extend and strengthen the blade similar to asuma's hand blades
-i never look itachi in the eye
1) i throw four kunai at itachi; one i aimed short and lands right in front of him, two he deflects to his left and right, while ducking under the fourth which lands a few feet behind him
2) i form four kage bunshins, which use hiraishin no jutsu to appear at the spots of the marked kunai i had thrown
3) uzumaki naruto rendan as i used hiraishin no justsu to finish the rendan with my real body (itachi landing face down on the ground)
-happens so fast that itachi didnt have time to make a bunshin-
4) before he has a chance to get up, i plunge my katana into the ground and together with a doton (earth) justsu, i extend my chakra blades underground attempting to blind itachi, who senses the chakra and quickly jumps up just barely averting the attack
5) however the diversion was all i needed as i use hiraishin no justsu one more time to appear right in front of him slicing his eyes with my katanas rock lee style (picture lee's spinning attacks)...definitely blinded

i know its only supposed to be 5 moves but for fun, here's six

6) just as i cut itachi's eyes and he spun around due to the momentum, two of my kage bunshins are right behind him charging with an odama rasengan straight to the left side of itachi's chest (instant death)

thought of some more attacks, but 5 isnt that many lol

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