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Re: Who would you pick to be your boy/girlfriend from Naruto?

Originally Posted by Hyper.inferno
Kisame now thats an interesting choice... What makes you choose him?
I'd go fer Temari. At least she can look after herself (not that I wouldnt help her or nething xD)
Kisame is so underrated. I'm sure if he were an OMG bishie then many, MANY girls would want to go out with him. Kisame has a lot of self-control and is intelligence to be paired up with Itachi all these years, and is still surviving now. He's pretty strong, too. But since he's not a bishie, people just see him as a stupid, annoying guy with a bigass Samehada that doesn't really matter.
Sorry, I just realized how angry I sounded. XD Internet sucks with communication sometimes.
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