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Re: Why isn't Naruto Respected?

Originally Posted by JDkid18
Well i've said this once before but i wanna see if the fans agree with me:
You know what I don't get is how come even though Naruto is the main character, most likely will become hokage, and is like equal with Sasuke and beats up all these bad guys they still make him weak in most episodes? I mean this kid has been training with Jiraiya and they still show him as weak. They should just let Naruto control his demon chakra and kick some butt!
Right that's just what I think if you've seen the naruto movies than you now what type of butt he kicks!
Letting Naruto being control by the Kyuubi is BORING... reminds me of DBZ. Well in most story, the main character is usually weak and he get stronger as the story progresses. Like in Bleach, Ichigo was an ametuer at the starting, he is growing to become strong.

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