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hehehe so naruto would become a pimp daddy who does it all? if sakura ended up liking naruto like that, they would get together, and cause hinata is so shy, she would back off, and feel alone...... but then, hopefully, she would finally confess her love for naruto by making sure she hears him, finally screaming it out loud.

and about this same time, tsunade would be all like "hey Jiraiya... look at these..." and he would be like yeaaaaaaaaaahh... then shizune will walk in, and catch them doing it, and join in. Naruto would be peeking and then go do that same thing to sakura (since he learns everything from jiraiya XD) and hinata would join them. Neji would hear it, get all horny and run to tenten. they's do it, and kiba would see them at it, and rush to shikamaru's house, to tell him about it. he'd say "go away, you annoy me" ande so kiba would run to tell Ino, who would get horny just hearing it and kiba would take her doggie-style (kinda fitting, dont you think XD). kurenai and Asuma wil just get it on cause they dont want to be the only ones not doing it, and the whole village would be moaning. sasuke would hear it, and look around, seeing Oro.

ok, so that whole last bit wont happen, but the moral of the story? everybody has someone except for sasuke who is alone... and if he doesnt snap out of his bad-boy side, he is gonna have Oro inside his body XD
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