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Re: The Official Mist Shinobi's FC

Originally Posted by diane_cheeze
aaahhhhh... Niru_we've found the 'other person with this bloodline' that we were talking about earlier... lol

so, u can do the demon ice mirrors thing? demo pls! prove to the owner and co-owner duo your worth! *laugh*

so josh_where r u in naruto? current with the latest episodes and manga?
Sorry I was gone for a while! I was really busy with Summer School (I chose to take it. Get some classes out of the way, ya know).

*does one-handed hand signs*

DEMONIC ICE MIRRORS (Or Crystal Ice Mirrors in the Dub...)

That better?

*Mirrors surround diane_cheeze*

Anyway, I've been skipping around.

BTW, it's the Country of Water, the Land of Waves is an entirely different Village...
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