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Creativity Works: Create your own Zanpakuto Kit

OK, lets get this thing on the road,
The basic guides on zanpakuto are like so...

Name (duhh)
Elemental powers (if he/she/it have any)
Shape (curved hilt, broadsword shaped, the works.)
Shikai Call (shout!)
Bankai form (the form)
Avatar form (Make them weird, make them sexy, whatever)
Pros and Cons (it gotta at least have some weakness)
Bearer's name (this is optional)

Name: Ryugaki (A combi of Ryuga; Black Dragon and Ryuki; Red Dragon)
Elemental powers: Dark Fire
Shape: Dual handed sword carved with ancient chinese and japanese words.
Avatar form: Two girls with reddish hair and black hair.
Shinkai: "Burn Them To Ashes! Ryugaki!"
Bankai: Changes into a Rider Belt and allows the user to Henshin (Change). Great in both offense and defense.
Pros: One of the top rank fire element Zanpakuto. Deals great damage to the enemies.
Cons: Uses to many reatsu powers when bankai. Sucks the user life.
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