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Re: Akatsuki ranks

Originally Posted by Tapioca
I've already had something like this, I called it the "Ring Theory."
Exactly Tapioca! Thanks for your quality post.
The 9 akatsuki rings divinities (don't include Leader's "zeroth") of the ring are from an old chinese folklore.
They are ranked from most powerfull divinity to the less powerfull.
strongest = Blue Dragon (so obvious) worn by Deidara
second = White Tiger (obvious too) worn by the mysterious Kunoichi
weakest = Gyokunyo formerly worn by Sasori (currently by Tobi)

this ranking makes perfect sense:

Sasori the weakest Akatsuki died first and Deidara is so powerful he considers bijuu "weak" (remember than the dumb one tail Shukaku dominated even Gamabunta with ease)

Itachi is above Orochimaru according to that ranking which makes sense, but Itachi is far from being the strongest, he isn't even in the top tiers (remember Itachi and Kisame talked about their order received from Akatsuki "top tiers")

Kazuku and Hidan are about the same ranking (7th and 8th) which makes sense as well. none really gives orders.

Originally Posted by sujee
no sasori>deidara - he was the leader of the two
That is wrong. Sasori acted like a boss but he was actually extremely weak.
He got killed by an old hag and a low chuunin. Deidara pwns bijuus with ease.

However, there could be more to Sasori than meet the eyes. I believe sasori could be the real leader of Akatsuki and split his body in several pupets. Just a theory to be confirmed tho.

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