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Re: The Kennedy Assasination

Originally Posted by Ninja48
I saw a documentary on The History Channel that explained that "magic bullet" pretty well. The two were certainly in the right postitions for the bullet to pierce them where it did. The bullet actually was damaged, dispite what people say.

In comparison to the small bits of evidence that is somewhat shady, there's much more evidence to prove that Kennedy was shot by Oswald. Simulations have been done that prove that Oswald was in the right place to shoot the president the way he did. The bullet has traces that match traces from his rifle, and Oswald was a pretty good shot. And besides, he took three shots. Not one.

Of course, I only got this info from the Tee Vee. But based on the documentary I saw, the only thing that fuels this conspiracy theory are false statements (from a movie, in fact) and the assumption that the government could possibly be withholding information on the subject.
They would due that to the fact if some info got out, the country maybe couldn't take it and break into riot.
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