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Re: Freedom of speech: Can it survive?

Originally Posted by Naru-rin
(Delete if necessary) I don't live in the US, nor do I know what's in the constitution. But, as a n00b, I wonder: Does it really exist? For the internet it does, but what about america itself? I don't have much spare time,(Researching j-rock for music teacher mr.evil) so I couldn't research much. Personally, I don't think it can. Not even in the internet, with all the cencoring and e-mail blockage(What's it called when you can't e-mail someone? Like Jack Thompson?) and stuff.
freedom of speech is awesome. it will survive. i mean, i can say, "i hate Bush, i hate Republicans, i don't like super Christians, i hate EVERYTHING IN THIS FORSAKEN ROCK FLOATING AROUND IN THE MIDDLE OF A SOLAR COLLECTION OF GAS, ROCKS AND OTHER FORMS OF MATTER!!!" as long as i say that, i'm using free speech. man, i love the Constitution!
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