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Re: has this ever happened to you?

dude, the reason why dogs howl creepily is because they see the supernatural.... the dog you mentioned might be the only one that saw the *ghost*... naturally all dogs bark at the same time when something creepy happens..... question is, why did only one dog barked??? awesome!!! Must find that!!! And oh.... cats are said to be omens of witchcraft and the devil..... no wonder I like them..... at night, be worried if a lot of cats come to you and arching their back or staring at you like evil...... something really creepy is gonna happen.... like this one time when my cousin went home by herself, a lot of cats appeared to her and then, she saw a floating something... (the one that dead people lie down..... rr... forgot the name...).... creepy, dude.... And uhh.... don't creep out with what I posted.... It's just the reality.....

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