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Re: The Fictional Languages Thread

oh, okies...
no one will be offended...
our gay language originates from taglish (tagalog and english) so...

nwei, i'll post the meaning... hokie? <okay?>
dude!!! I'm with AZUMI!!! the gay language here rocks!!! I use it always.....
dehins pa ever ako nag-lie..... gets moch???
(I never ever lied before... got it???)

I also know the maid's language here in our place... it goes something like thiss...

"ay helo?, si atih?? ay wala pah.... tawag n lang balik.. naa pa sa trabaho si atih...."

(it means: hello? who, ma'am? oh she's not here yet.... call back later.. she's still at work...)

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