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Re: Single Best Naruto Episode!!!!

Hehe, I like this thread

Best 1v1 Fight Scene: Naruto V Sasuke

Best Team Fight Scene: Naruto, Shizune, Jiraiya, & Tsunade + Summons Vs. Kabuto & Orochimaru + Summons... Really I don't think tehres alot of team fight scenes, or atleast i dun remember. Most just end up being one vs ones.

Most Surprising Episode: The one where you find out Kabuto is on Orochimaru's side. He seemd like such a good guy ^^

Most Boring Episode: Temari Vs. Tenten. The most stupidest & dragged out fight scene i've ever seen. WTF was that? :\ I honestly find the fillers more interesting than that fight scene.

Overall Best Episode: Naruto Vs. Gaara [Melded w/ the parts of Orochimaru & Third Hokage]. That was the best, it had everything I could ask for. Naruto finally being the #1 Character he shud be . You also see Sasuke recognizes Naruto, sorta, as a strong person.

Funniest Episode: Where Jiraiya acts all tough vs Orochimaru, but then he summons Gamakichi becuz of the drug that Tsunade put in his sake. I laughed so hard, I had literally watched taht scene like 20 times over. Naruto's reaction to it is so funny, same w/ Jiraiya's. Then right after, Naruto summons the other stupid frog ^^
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