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Re: Illegal Imigrants

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
You're too kind. ^^

And Hokge, damn dude. I know it's sometimes difficult to see sarcasm being portrayed through text, but Corbenk really laid it on thick there. >.>
Eveven if he was it's still true.

Originally Posted by Corbenk View Post
The fact that they are immigrants. I mean, everyone knows that:
Mexicans steal
Irish drink
asians are smart
Italians have big dicks
Black people are part of gangs.

It is common sense, AFADUR. EVERYONE knows racial profiling is completely valid and applies to ALL members of the race.
Mexicans steal: They do. I've stolen with my Mexican friend John
Irish drink: Fuck yeah we do.
asians are smart: They'
re smart, but then again a lot of people are
Italians have big dicks: I'm gonna just trusr Corbenk on that one, and it's not impossibile.
Black people are part of gangs.: If you trying to say the black people aren't in gangs your retarded.

The point is if he said "so and so" then it wouldn't be true. I've seen all of those, other then the Italian one, all the time.

Originally Posted by cursesealer View Post
Just fix up mexico. Make it nice to the point where mexican don't need to sneak their way here. Then they're happy and we lower the amount of foreginers coming in.
Do you even know how bad Mexico is!? One of my best friends dad grew up there. His friend growing up was throwen into a oncoming train. Fixing such things much worse then that happen everyday. It would take years to fix.
Originally Posted by Shino
Shes togapi from pokemon...and I'm so ashamed at myself for knowing that...>.>

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