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Re: Illegal Imigrants

Eveven if he was it's still true.
Agreed, Ore-sama and I do make a lot of sense even if he was being too kind. ; ) Oh, you're referring to Corbenk's ridiculously sarcastic remark. My bad.

Mexicans steal: They do. I've stolen with my Mexican friend John
Irish drink: Fuck yeah we do.
asians are smart: They'
re smart, but then again a lot of people are
Italians have big dicks: I'm gonna just trusr Corbenk on that one, and it's not impossibile.
Black people are part of gangs.: If you trying to say the black people aren't in gangs your retarded.

The point is if he said "so and so" then it wouldn't be true. I've seen all of those, other then the Italian one, all the time.
This is called sterotyping. The thing about sterotyping is that it a) Almost never applies to everyone within the sterotyped group (Can you honestly say ALL mexicans steal, or even most of them? A majority of them? Half even? Nah) and b) is stupid in a vast majority of circumstances.

Really, show me the statistic that shows that a large enough percentage of black people enroll in gangs to justify associating black people = gangs and I'll admit right now that I'm retarded (Or that I possess retarded, whatever it was that you were trying to say there. >.>). Until then I'm just going to continue believing that one's skin color or nationality has pretty much nothing to do in determining what they do or how they act. : )
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