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Re: Why isn't Naruto Respected?

Well, Naruto was never really respected. And, he probably never will be.
If you think about it, he would make the lamest crappiest Hokage Konoha has ever seen.
First off, he's still Naive(spelt incorrectly), he's not wise at all. He never thinks things through. If he were really commited to becoming Hokage, he would think about that and change himself to for the sake of the village.
And also, ask this to yourself: Why would anyone, in the right mind, respect a bratty, loudmouthed, naive 13 year old? And don't even say 'because he is looked down upon, because he is hated' or any bullshit like that. You should pity him for that, not respect him! You should solely respect the fact that he hasn't yet snapped and killed himself!
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