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Re: Sannin FC


Name: Gravity Fists
Type: Taijutsu
seals: None
Info: Its a hand-to-hand combat technique, kinda like the gentle fists where Neji flows his chakra into the opponent to disrupt their chakra flow, but mine works differently. First my hands start to glow( kinda like a medical ninja) and I attack you. Which ever part of your body I attack I can flow my chakra into that part and make it as heavy as I want.

Ex: I attack your arms and make it a millions times heavier, now your arms drop to the floor taking you with it. I can also attack your leg making it a million times heavier and now you cant move. And I'll just finish you off.


Name: Water Armor
Type: Ultimate Defense
Seals: rabbit, monkey, rabbit, tiger
Info: It's a very unique jutsu that only I can do. First I do the seals and then my whole body gets covered in water so it looks like I'm made out of water, but you can still see me in there.

Either I attack or you attack me its still over. If I attack you then wherever I make contact with the water from me is going to go there and start moving until it covers your entire body and you'll eventually drown, because I still control the water. And that also goes for if you attack me, lets say you punch me the water is going to go from your hands to the rest of your body until you drown. Either way you cant touch me.

Long-range counter

Name: Thunder clap
Type: Taijutsu
Seals: none
Info: This is a move for all long-range fighters because all my other jutsus have to do with short-range combat. All I do is clap my hands together and a sound of thunder comes out like a big sound wave that destroys everything. So if your a long-range user then I'll just deflect everything back to you and also the sound waves would rip your ears apart.

Extra Info on me:
Yeah boy!!! I'm a sound ninja that can use water techniques because I was originally from the hidden village of the mist thats why I can control water and I also learned Taijutsu there, but I left the village in search of power when I met orochimaru who gave me power to control sound so I can help him kill some of Akatsuki. Thats why I'm a sound ninja that controls water.


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