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Re: the official ninja wars fc

Name: Talan Oroki
Age: 10
Rank: Genin
Clan: Hyuuga-Uchiha mixture (two bloodline limits combine to enable Talan to use both limits abilities as well as new limit described below.)
Village: Hidden Leaf (Konoha)
Appearance: Spikey Silver hair, 4 Katanas holstered to his back, two upwards, two downwards, Black shirt and pants with silver shoulder stripes that run from the middle of his belt, around each shoulder, and ends at the middle of the back of his belt.
Details: Especially skilled in Ninjutsu and Taijutsu. Able to open 4 of the inner chakra gates, and able to use all A class ninjutsu techniques. Drawback to being able to open the gates at such a young age he goes completely unconcious after 10 mins while in this form. Formed special bloodline limit enabling him to see into the enemies mind, allowing him to learn all of their techniques. But, he can only use this technique once every 12 hours.

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