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Re: Why isn't Naruto Respected?

he is respected. by lee, by sakura, by sasuke, by kakashi, his friends. respect comes in different ways. lee sees naruto as the guy who defeated his rival, neji. sakura knows naruto trys hard and just by being his friend is a form a respect, whereas before she didnt even want to sit in the same room with him. sasuke sees naruto as a rival , and vice versa. kakashi sees potential in this stupid looking guy. and the rest of the genin can trust him to do his part in missions and such. so i wouldnt say he's not getting any respect. also, everyone they meet during the series, they begin to know and respect naruto. examples; inari and his grandfather, haku and zabuza(even though their dead) those who challenged him, in the end, has some sort of respect toward naruto, no matter how stupid he acts. neji's problem child case is a classic example, of how an uber genius began to respect a loser who had something to say...ok?

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