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Re: Freedom of speech: Can it survive?

i dont have the time or patients to read all of the posts, but i will say this.

Freedom of speech is very broad area when dealing with the US constitution. See this is a problem that i dont think the forefatehrs thought to much about.. We are not them we do NOT know EXACTLY what THEY meant when they wrote it. but freedom of speech is not restricted to what you say, it in terms of todays world, its how you express yourself.

But lets break it down in both literal and in a broad position.

in this country you CAN say WHATEVER you WANT. BUT it DOES NOT mean you WILL NOT or CAN NOT be punished in PUBLIC esates for what you say. For example it is not illegal for you to say "Fuck You" to your teacher. HOWEVER it is also not illegal for your teacher to punish you for saying it.

Now, looking at this from a broad point of view, as more expression than actual words. This rite is VERY supressed and taken away. Many of you knwo i have a band, ALL of us (aside from myself becouse im homeschooled) were told they had to have there haircut BEFORE coming to school. Becouse we all have long hair. This example brings me to this point, the 'Rules" of many public school systems are disregarding Our Rites as american citizens becouse it states, we cannot wear certain things, we cannot have our hair certain ways and lengths, and we are not allowed to have certain things on our bodies. So in this way, no, it cannot survive, becouse its already been disregarded and the government is not willing to go against it.

Im done. GG to any who disagree. I win.

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