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Re: Freedom of speech: Can it survive?

OOoo...I love the broad amounts of viewpoints and intelligence on here.

The sad thing is people are to stuck on their own viewpoints and opinions that they can't see that other peoples viewpoints and opinion matter to them, just as yours do to you. Most people have a vanity factor when it comes to their opinion like that's the way it is and there is no other way. People have to learn to understand that their is freedom of speech, but there is also consiquences that follow, it's ok to have an opinion, but don't go forcing it down people's throats or all you'll get is a bad response...people should learn to accept that everyone is different and if you are talking to someone they might have a viewpoint that is completely opposite from your own, but just like you wouldn't want your opinion to change, don't try and change other peoples beliefs and opinions.
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