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Re: The most recent game you've played now/today?

Originally Posted by Jaxon View Post
Halo's on hold 'till I get a 360 =P
Ah, WindWaker. Good times. I loved that game... though I could never play it more than once.

StarFox 64.

"Help me, Fox!"
"Fox, I'm in trubble!"
"Fox, what are you doing? Stop shoooting me!"
Rofl ahh that brings back old memories indeed, good ol starfox xD
Newayy I'm still playing Guilty Gear XX SLASH and Judgment on my psp. MotoGP will be done in like 15 minutes so I'll switch to that game then I guess. But GG is soo friggen addictive @.@


fanks Oakgyrl. Its awesome! ^^
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